SAP/ABAP info: What is SAP/ABAP
What is SAP?

SAP is a huge and well designed business software made by SAP AG, used by 12 million users around the world. SAP stands for Systems, Applications, Products.

SAP covers all the areas a usual company needs apart from the office suite, with millions of codelines on the fields of logistics, production, finances and personnel.

It has thousands of predefined document types and transactions therefore instead of using many different programs, you can solve your problems with just one. However you need a huge amount of expertise and care to introduce and manage it. (SAP is not for the faint in the heart. ;) )

SAP is multilingual, multicurrency and multinational. It has industry specific “solutions” for carmakers, banks, hightech firms etc. .

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What is ABAP?

Abap is a programming language developed for SAP. ABAP stands for Advanced Business Application Programming.
It looks like this:

  friend(6) value 'Johnny'.
data: oneplusone value '2'.
at new fire.
  call 'fireman'.
  write:/ 'Please fireman',
  'put out the fire,',
  'or at least',
  'collect our ashes'.
ABAP started as a script language for SAP R/2 in the early eighties, but now it has object oriented programming and HTML scripting as well.
SAP plans to substitute it with Java, but it will take many years I suppose.
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Published on in 2004.