SAP/ABAP info: Transactions
The most important transactions I use

SE10 - Release transports
STMS - Transport management system
SE16 – Browse SAP tables

SM38 - Job overview
SCC1 - Inport requests from other clients
SM02 – Create system message
SPAU - After SAP updates do the
SU53 - View latest authorisation checks
SNRO - Nummerkreise (Number ranges)
ST22 - Show critical errors happened today
SCOT - PCConnect(Sends emails from SAP )
SR13 - Set the where the SAP HELP CD is
SNOTE - Download and instantly install SAP
                Patches and Updates
FZD4 - Handle logical filenames
AL11 - Error Logs ( Unix file browse )
SU01 – Change user details
SM31 - Edit customizing tables


SE80 – Object navigator
SE11 – Data dictionary elements
SE38 – ABAP editor
SQ01 - Set up ad hoc query
ABAPDOCU - Klassen
SE43 - Creating user menus
SPRO – Customizing Menü

PA20 - View personnel data
PA30 - Change personell data
PA40 - Personal events
PPOSE - View ORG data
PPOME - Change ORG data

PA03 - Payrol status(“Abrechnungsstatus”)
PM01 - Infotype extension
PPCI - Infotype B extension
PE03 - Edit Feature ( "Merkmal" )
PCC1 - Edit accounting units

Published on in 2004.