news/blog: 2002
June: Amsterdam

My favorite city in Europe (after my hometown, Kecskemét, of course). Life, art, culture: these are the words that symbolize this place for me.

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Of'course this city has its dark sides as well. It is very liberal considering drugs(you can smoke pot in public bars...) and maybe this policy has weird sideeffects:
- I was offered cocaine three times. (This time only in my whole life)
- Shortly after midday I was on the main square before the town hall. Suddenly I saw a man wildly running through the square into the town hall, starting to attack it like mad. He was kicking the building and shouting like mad until after a few minutes he got tired and sat down. Nobody cared, it was kind of "normal" here, it seemed. I was just standing there astonished.
But still, I would love to spend a few months in this "crazy" city.

Published on in 2004.