news/blog: 2003
July: Visiting the Eternal City

Do not visit Rome in July. With 28°C average temperature you can experience around 30-40°C in the ancient centre. This is caused by the lack of shadowed surfaces around the ruins.

Despite the dog-days(very hot days) I was really happy to visit this ancient city. Although the service in restaurants and shops was beneath contempt, the ancient ruins and art compensated for it.
It is told the if you throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain, then you will get back to Rome. However the original legend was, that if you drink from the Trevi Fountain, you will

enjoy the water so much, that you will get back to Rome to taste it again.
The water tastes really fine, because it is delivered from the only roman aqueduct still functioning. The Vandals and other hordes destroyed the aqueducts around Rome, except one, what was below the surface. This one was delivering water through eleven kilometers for the Trevi Fountains. It was the best fountain of Rome in the middle-age. People came from all the parts of the city to collect water from it. If you want to you can still drink from it. (You find it on the right side.)


These tables can be seen in the Vatican Museum. Maybe it is not so huge as the Louvre in Paris, but not far from it. These tables are from the Sumerian empire from about three thousand years ago. Excel version 0.0001. ;)

I think, Julius Caesar was the greatest leader of Rome. A very good guide from England told me about his adventurous life and death. What I find remarkable is that the people of Rome still remember him, and each
year on the 15. of March, his tomb is full with flowers.
As I looked at the sculpture of the wolf, what raised Romulus and Remus, it seemed as she would be very, very sad. I think she is crying over the fate of Rome, over the loss of a great civilization. Although the people of Italy still have great difficulties, I hope they will create a more active and more livable future.
January: Starting
I wish all my dreams come true like this one. In January of 2003 we ( I and two friends of mine ) started a portal in Hungary about language learning.
It has a catalogue of all the language examinations, language schools, teachers, students even the language travel organizers can be found here. Further more you can write into the forums or (since November) you can chat with others.
You would not believe how much time and struggle it was to develop this site.
Just a few details (if you are interested):
1. Conceptual Plans, Surveys, Preparation, Structural design 1.5 years
2. Graphical Design 0.5 year
3. Programming 0.5 year
4. Starting a company behind 0.5 year
  Total 3 man-years
Three man-years were needed to start, but another three was required to introduce it and keep it running in 2003. So already six man years were invested into it.
If you are interested in the planning phase and in my structural design, click on the link or on the picture below (it is Hungarian):
The growing number of visitors show, that the internet community is realizing its value as well and start to use it. I hope that many people will find his/her best way to learn a language through this site.

Hereby I will test the functioning of search engines by publishing the word:
what was not yet found on google at 12:00 16APR2006.
Also not found on 17:30 16APR2006.

I did a search again in 02.04.2009: I am the only result found on the word prappalka. So it is practically my word. I just have to find a beautiful meaning to it.

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