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July: Barcelona: Metro to the beach

Barcelona beach

I’m seriously considering moving down to this city. It has good weather, nice beach and according to the guides it’s a “world class city”. It is, indeed, it is.

On the right side: This is the nicest temple I’ve ever seen and it is not even finished. I think this is how the place of God should look like. Beautiful in every detail.

Sagrada Familia

Sagr fam inside

trafic jam spain


I arrived to spain on the 22th of July. I saw a huge traffic jam on the highway, so I just went out on the first exit. As there were no time constraints on me, I was just looking in the middle of nowhere for accommodation. I’ve found this nice village with very kind people. Exactly on this evening they had the local yearly festivity, so everybody was out on the streets. I met some very nice people, who started to teach me Spanish. I started to teach them Hungarian, so we had an interesting conversation and delicious food.



medi park


Next day I visited an amazing park. It was by the road I went and I just felt turning right. After a long slope I’ve arrived to a calm place where I was meditating for an hour.

The following day I continued on the seaside towards Barcelona. I took a walk on the beach and then started to look for some accommodation. I have organized a nice bed&breakfast starting 24 July, but I had nothing for 23. I asked at least ten places even asking the locals, but none of them could help. Barcelona was full on that day.

It was late already and I started to get exhausted. Then I was driving by a beautiful establishment called Hotel Miramar.
I was curious how it looks like from inside and I really needed a good training room with sauna. Usually I’m puritan, I don’t like luxury stuff, but this building attracted me like a magnet. So I took a room for that night.





I didn’t regret it, it was a beautiful experience. The service and kindness is exceptional. In my room there were tiles with a beautiful plastic pattern. Except from a small mishap – a part got stuck in the bathroom – this stay was very warm. On the following day I was privileged to have a Mediterranean breakfast here. The steward even showed me the exact way locals eat bread, tomato and garlic. Delicious!
Then I spent a good time in the recreation area.


So if I will be rich one time I will not stay for one day, but for two ;)


Just two minutes from the hotel I’ve found the fortress of Barcelona (Castillo). 

Its very massive and has a military museum inside. From here you have a beautiful view to the city and the the trading port as well. I was admiring the traffic in this port for at least an hour. They have moved hundreds of containers in this time.



sewer cover

Look at this cover! Did you see something like this? I adore this type of casual but someway touching art.




This is a bookstore, but again, I was amazed by this “everyday” art.


The other day I took a tourist bus to make a few rounds.


tour bar 1


tour map


Its worth going around with this thing, you get a picture, what you can find in this amazing city.

museum outside

barcelona museum inside


After taking the blue tram upstairs I and a friend of mine had a special experience, what I cannot share with you. Then we visited the science museum just down the stairs. You find here all kinds of stuff: exhibition about hearing, biology, geography, applied mathematics, … . Theoretically, you can visit it in two hours, but I think you can spend here much more time.


barcelona museum inside 2


sagrada familia




Paladdin, planned and realized.


sacrada familia facade plan


I was especially happy to see this depiction of Jesus. After all the sufferings shown at the facade, he finally emerged. Now he let his legs swing and watches the city lovingly and attentively.

I visited the Sagrada Familia two times and I will visit it again :). It is a refreshing concept of a church, for me it is even good to see it built. I felt, that I am a part of history, the task of my generation is not only to maintain existing structures, but to build new ones.

sagrada familia jesus

empty streets

Friday night you have nightlife till the morning, but at 7:00 the roads are soo empty. I made a last circle around my favorite temple and so I started back home.

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